Hello World

Let's create a simple op to run the essential programming task of greeting the world

  1. Create a directory named hello-world
  2. Inside hello-world create a file named op.yml with the below contents
# you might want to match the name to the containing directory's
name: hello-world

# describe what your op does using markdown
description: echoes hello world, because we gotta start somewhere


  # run a container

    # use image resolvable via reference alpine:3.6
    image: { ref: 'alpine:3.6' }

    # invoke echo w/ arg "hello world"
    cmd: [ echo, "hello world" ]

from your working directory, run the below in your terminal

$ opctl run hello-world

You will see the running log of the op, and the glorious "hello world" echoed right before the ContainerExited line

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