opctl events

opctl events

Stream events.

if a node isn't running, one will be automatically created.

Global Options

see global options


Event Replay

Events are persisted to disk and can be replayed.

events are not held across node restarts; any time a node starts it clears its event db.

  1. open terminal & run an op so we have some events

    opctl run github.com/opspec-pkgs/uuid.v4.generate#1.1.0
  2. exit terminal

  3. re open terminal & replay events

    opctl events

Event Streaming

Events are streamed in realtime as they occur. They can be streamed in parallel to any number of terminals.

behind the scenes, events are delivered over websockets

  1. open multiple terminals & open event stream on each

    opctl events
  2. open another terminal & run an op; watch events show up on all terminals simultaneously in real-time

    opctl run some-op
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