Start and wait on an op

if a node isn't running, one will be automatically created



Op reference (either relative/path, /absolute/path, host/path/repo#tag (since v0.1.19), or host/path/repo#tag/path (since v0.1.24))



Explicitly pass args to op in format -a NAME1=VALUE1 -a NAME2=VALUE2

--arg-file default: .opspec/args.yml (since v0.1.19)

Read in a file of args in yml format


local op ref w/out args

opctl run myop

remote op ref w/ args (must be installed first)

opctl run -a apiToken="my-token" -a channelName="my-channel" -a msg="hello!"


op source username/password prompt

If auth w/ the op source fails the cli will (re)prompt for username & password.

in non-interactive terminals, the cli will note that it can't prompt due to being in a non-interactive terminal and exit with a non zero exit code.

input sources

Input sources are checked according to the following precedence:

  • arg provided via -a option
  • arg file (since v0.1.19)
  • env var
  • default
  • prompt

input prompts

Inputs which are invalid or missing will result in the cli prompting for them.

in non-interactive terminals, the cli will provide details about the invalid or missing input, note that it's giving up due to being in a non-interactive terminal and exit with a non zero exit code.


  Please provide value for parameter.
  Name: version
  Description: version of app being compiled

validation (since v0.1.15)

When inputs don't meet constraints, the cli will (re)prompt for the input until a satisfactory value is obtained.



image layer caching

All pulled image layers will be cached

image updates (since v0.1.22)

Prior to container creation, updates to the referenced image will be pulled and applied.

If checking for or applying updated image layers fails, graceful fallback to cached image layers will occur


All containers created by opctl will be attached to a single managed network.

the network is visible from docker network ls as opctl.


Containers will be removed as they exit.

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